Pacific Conditioning and Shine Beard Oil

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Every bearded gentleman needs a great beard oil. Luckily Avalah's is all natural and made from 2oz of several moisture-rich oils such as Castor, Argan, Jojobo, and Almond oil. This combination of oils leaves your beard feeling silky soft, smooth and healthy.

How To Use:

Apply two to three drops of beard oil in your palm and rub your hands together to spread the oil around your palms and fingers.

Tip: You may need more oil later, but it’s better to start with a small dose to avoid making your beard too greasy.

Rub your palms and fingers across the hair on both your cheeks. Next, rub your hands down the front of your face so that it covers your mustache and chin. Go over your mustache again with your fingertips. Run a comb through your beard to evenly distribute the oil. Comb both with and against the growth of your hair. Comb your beard back into place and groom it as you like.

Full Ingredients List:
Sweet almond oil, castor oil, argan oil and jojoba oil

This product provides the essential nutrients for hair growth, moisturizes the skin under the beard to relieve itch and nourishes the skin to prevent drying. When used daily on men's beard this product assists in moisturizing, growth and shine.

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Pacific Conditioning and Shine Beard Oil

Pacific Conditioning and Shine Beard Oil

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